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Closed on Saturdays

Dear Clients,

I want to thank all of you for making this practice a very successful one.  All of us here at All Caring Animal Clinic appreciate your patronage and support.  Without you, this practice could not remain in business and would not be able to claim the success that it has.  This tremendous success has also led to a very heavy workload and many long workdays that extend well into the evening.  These long hours have resulted in almost no family time for me, and my entire staff.  In an effort to give our staff the opportunity for a more normal, less stressful lifestyle that will allow at least a small amount of personal time for rest, recreation, and family, we will begin closing on Saturdays. 

For those that experience an emergency situation with your pet on Saturday, Sunday or after hours on a weekeday, emergency veterinary services are available through our Concho Valley Veterinary Emergency Association, to which we are a member. 


Michael A. White

Click here for Emergency Information