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Items of Interest                 

**Mars Petcare US Voluntary Limited Food Recall

**Closed on Saturdays

**Dog Flu Scare, Another site

**Avian Flu

**PetMed Express or 1-800-PetMeds

**Multi-Drug Resistant Gene (MDR1)

**A Healthcare System that Works - a heart warming story

**Pets we have for adoption

**Vaccine Protocols

**Pet Deaths on Airlines

**Low Cost Spay and Neuter Programs

**Rattlesnake vaccine for dogs!
  Questions & Answers about Rattlesnake Vaccine
   Call our office for more information.

**AVMA response to article in July 2003 Consumer Reports

**OraVet Plaque Prevention - (reduces plaque and tartar formation by creating an invisible barrier that prevents bacteria from attaching to your pet’s teeth)