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Endoscopic Images (Click on an image below to see a larger view or video.)

Ear Mites Video  This is an endoscopic video taken of the ear canal of a cat with a severe ear mite infestation. From this video, one can see how irritating the condition can be. (The file is rather large, so it may take a while for it to download.)

Click to see video

Normal ear drum  Swollen ear canal. Cannot see the eardrum. Hair passing through hole in eardrum. Chronic otitis resulting in destruction of the eardrum.

Normal Eardrum

Stenotic Canal

Hole in Eardrum

No Eardrum Left

Click to see video  Click to see video of inflamed nasal turbinates

Collapsed Bronchus
(View Video)

Inflamed Nasal
(View Video)

Normal Eardrum

Normal Eardrum