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Microscopic Images-Parasites (Click on an image below to see a larger view or video.)

Mange Mites

Click for larger view

Demodex sp. Adult
(Demodectic Mange Mite)

Click for larger view

Click to see a larger image

Demodex mites
(Immature stages)

Click to see a larger image

Click to see larger image

Sarcoptes scabei 
(Sarcoptic Mange Mite)
Click the photo to the right
to see a video.

Click to see video of live mite

Cheyletiella parasitivorax
(Cheyletiella Mange Mite)
"Walking Dandruff"

Mite to the left
Egg on hair shaft to the right

Click to see larger image

Intestinal Parasites

Have you ever wondered what we are looking for when we check your pet's feces for parasites? 

Below are images of some of the most common parasites and parasite eggs that we are looking for.

Hookworm egg Roundworm egg Whipworm egg Lungworm egg

Hookworm Egg

Roundworm Egg

Whipworm Egg

Lungworm Egg

Tapeworm egg basket Single tapeworm egg Coccidia oocysts Toxoplasma sp. oocyst

    Egg Basket   

    Tapeworm Egg   

Coccidia Oocysts

Toxoplasma Oocysts

To the left are microscopic views of Giardia sp. organisms, unstained and stained.

Click here to see a short video of a live giardia organism found in the feces of a puppy with diarrhea.

Tritrichomonas is another protozoal parasite that looks similar to the Giardia organism and can cause diarrhea.  Click here to see a video of this organism. Note the difference in the mobility as compared to the Giardia.

Parasites Found in the Blood

Click to see larger image

Dirofilaria immitis microfilaria
(Baby Heartworm in the Blood Stream)

Left: Microfilaria in Stained Blood Smear

Right: Microfilaria in Unstained Blood Smear
(Click the image to watch a video of the live organism)

Click to download video