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Dental Home Care

           The pet owner is an integral part of our dental team.  Home care is the single most important procedure the owner can do to maintain oral health.  If performed regularly, daily brushing will dramatically increase the

interval between teeth cleaning appointments.  Home care is best started at a young age before the adult teeth erupt.  The perfect time to introduce dental home care is at the first puppy or kitten visit.  The client-animal bond, as well as the client-veterinary bond, is enhanced when daily brushing is performed following instructions given at the animal hospital.  Be patient when initiating oral home care, especially in older animals.  It is best to start dental care at an early age.  Introduce brushing gradually and begin by rubbing your pet's teeth and gums with a soft gauze wrapped around a finger.  Gradually switch over to a toothbrush designed for pets or to a very soft human toothbrush.  Avoid forceful restraint of the patient; rather make it a bonding experience and always praise and reward your pet for its cooperation.